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    Sandtray Therapy

    What is Sandtray?

    Sandtray is rooted in neuroscience to access and process memories and emotions within your right brain that your left brain (which you use more in verbal processing) may not be able to access. Sandtray allows you to visualize as well as access these emotions and memories. Your brain processes the images in the right brain first and then attaches words to it within the left brain. Sandtray facilitates this right-left brain integration, which can allow for deeper and faster emotional healing. It can also bring up some implicit memories (unconscious memories) and can be very powerful. Many clients find that they are able to address and resolve issues in a way that they were never able to with traditional talk therapy.

    But isn’t this for kids? How does it work?

    Sandtray may look like child’s play, but it can create deep and meaningful healing. It may bring back some memories from playing at the beach or in a sandbox as a kid, but it is a powerful tool for healing. It does work with all ages. For those with sensory/texture issues, we do have the option to create virtual sandtrays with similar benefits.

    What does a Sandtray session look like?

    This depends on if you are doing an in-person session or virtual session. An in-person session involves selecting the type of sand that feels right to you (this can vary from session to session). From where I can guide you through the process with either a prompt, or for more deeper and subconscious work, you will select the miniatures that stand out to you. This won’t always make sense, but your brain knows what it’s doing. You will then arrange them within the sandtray, and we will start to process the tray together.

    For a virtual session, you will use one of two options. If you have an iPad, I utilize the Virtual Sandtray app. If you do not have access to an iPad, there is another website option that we will integrate through screen share over Zoom. You will create your tray with me by your side, and then we will process it. I encourage you to save a copy of your tray in case you want to look back on it later.

    Can’t I just play in the sand at home?

    I have had clients go home and purchase sand, but you need a trained sandtray therapist to guide you through the powerful, emotional process.

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